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foo_navigator is a plug-in for foobar2000, that adds commands to go back and forth in the history of played tracks.
Furthermore it provides a command to list the tracks in the history in a playlist.
These commands can be found in the Playback main menu.


Screenshot of preferences dialog Wait before adding track to history:
A track is not added to the history until a certain time or percentage of it has been played.

History size:
Sets the maximum number of tracks the history can hold.
(Changes are only applied when clicking the Set button or restarting foobar2000)

Playlist name:
Determines the name of the playlist which will show the history when calling the View History command.

Automatically add tracks:
The tracks are added to the specified playlist while being played.


foo_navigator_0.2.7z: Contains the foo_navigator.dll component
buttons.7z: Contains buttons for the Back and Forward commands